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Monthly Archives: July 2011

Organic vs. Non-Organic

Check out this video of a child and her grandmother doing an experiment on organic vs. non-organic potatoes.  Share with loved ones and other children.  Enjoy!

Are You Curious to What’s On Your Food?

Learn what types of pesticides and chemicals are on your foods today in order to protect your health.  Search this database to find out:

Health of the US Nation

This is a pivotal time for our nation.  Our health is failing and we are living in a chronic disease state.  People are becoming burdened with insurance costs and there is a growing shortage of providers.  Patients are becoming challenged … Continue reading

The USA Run for Naturopathy (Natural Healing)

Family runs over 13,000 miles across America, leading movement to transform nation’s health through natural medicine and solutions. What about you? The steadily declining health of the American people is a national emergency and an unfolding human and financial disaster: … Continue reading