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Monthly Archives: August 2012

Why should you choose a naturopathic doctor instead of a conventional doctor?

Naturopathic medicine is no doubt an alternative to conventional, or allopathic medicine. From the time your parents took you to your first pediatrician, to when you became an adult and found your own general physician or internist, our culture has … Continue reading

The 9 Top Determinants to Good Health

We all know that eating well, exercising and staying positive will keep us healthy. In naturopathy, we believe that a balanced body can be achieved by those important practices and more: Hydration (water) Relaxation (sleep) Fun Good food (good nutrition!) … Continue reading

What does a personalized nutrition program look like?

There is a lot of talk about “personalized nutrition programs.” But what does that really look like, in terms of you and your body’s unique needs? Weaknesses occur in the body if the body is not given the proper nutrition … Continue reading