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Happy Valentine’s Day

Joy, serenity, peace
Happiness, health, love
All is possible
When willing to try
Start with a gift card
And watch the changes begin.

Give the Gift to Heal on this Valentine’s Day

Eyes glimmer with joy
When you know someone cares
Why not show them
With a gift from the heart
Keeping them healthy
With a Cura’ Naturale GIFT CARD
To say Happy Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day Gifts

Valentines is near
Loves surrounds us
Why not give the gift of healing

Valentine’s Day Gift Cards Available Today

Are you or someone you love feeling overwhelmed, frustrated or exhausted?
If so, are you looking for relief? Why not feel the rewards and benefits from a foot bath while removing those unwanted toxins from your body – creating new health from the inside out. Call (603) 742-4114 today and purchase a gift card from Cura’ Naturale for Valentine’s Day.

Relax with a HydroMassage for Valentine’s Day

Breathe easier
When life events have your loved one feeling stressed
Help ease the burden with a HydroMassage
Give a GIFT CARD from Cura’ Naturale
And watch the troubles melt away.
As the stressed body relaxes.

Gift the Gift of Health this Valentine’s Day

—- Heart Health —-

We shape our lives with nutrition
Be kind to the ones you love
Give the gift of health with a gift card
So your loved ones can experience
Health and healing this Valentine’s Day.

Our Bodies As Instruments

The words keep coming from my patient! She is on a roll:

Our bodies are instruments
As we raise our knowledge
We begin to feed ourselves
In ways that have us glow
with heavenly sound
BALANCING the Mind-Body-Soul.

Spelt Bread Source

Here is a link for those patients searching for a good source for spelt bread.  Check in out and let me know what you think.

Healing Message from a Cura’ Naturale Patient

Vitality is the core of health.

Choices We Make

One of my patients gave this to me today so I thought I would share these words she wrote: “EVERY choice we make either ENHANCES our health or INFLUENCES illness.” Thank you for sharing! Stay warm…..